Tcl uplevel example

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Tcl uplevel example

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Download Tcl uplevel example

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Uplevel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search For example, the following Tcl script is a reimplementation of the for command

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tcl example uplevel

uplevel - Execute a script in a different stack frame For example, suppose that procedure a was invoked from top-level, and that it called b, and that (for example, uplevel could be used to implement the while construct as a Tcl procedure). For example, suppose that procedure a was invoked from top-level, and that it called b, and that b called c. Suppose that c invokes the uplevel command. If level Example: expr { 2*sin($x) }. The braces causes Tcl parser to not do a variable substitution for x. . uplevel is a command that is a cross between eval and upvar.

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They are highly useful when implementing your own control structures, but it's not limited to. They make many tricky hacks possible. Example for "uplevel" usage:. Oct 24, 2007 - The uplevel command allows you to run a piece of code as if it was in the [3192] Tcl - Some example of HOW TO in handling data files and Jul 18, 2012 - I am reading Brent Welch's Practical programming in TCL and Tk and there is an example in uplevel that I cannot understand. Here it is: To instruct the Tcl interpreter to read and set a variable in the global environment, you must call global every place that the variable is used. For example, whenMar 11, 2015 - uplevel , a built-in Tcl command, evaluates a script in the variable and When there is only one argument to uplevel, such as the example in The Tcl upvar [ upvar manual] and uplevel [ uplevel manual] commands allow a For example, this procedure takes the name of an array in the caller's

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